Sale Policy 

A 50% non-refundable deposit holds any goat.  Deposits cannot be transferred from one goat to another.  I accept Venmo and Paypal for deposits. Only cash will be accepted at time of pick up. Please contact me before sending a deposit.

  All kids born at Neu-Day Dairy will be raised partial dam raised. I cannot keep purchased goats for extended period of time, so pickup arrangements should be made when deposit is sent. All goats must be paid for in full before I will allow them to leave the farm.  

All sales are final.

Stress can happen to any goat.  I can only guarantee health up until the goat leaves my farm.  Neu-Day Dairy is NOT responsible for your goats health after they have left the farm.  Neu-Day Dairy is NOT responsible for any vet bills once goat(s) leaves my care.  Deposits can only be refunded or transferred to another kid on kids who suffer a permanent injury or has died before it left the farm.  Goats are herd animals and don't need to be alone.  I will not sell a single goat, unless it will have a companion at its new home.

I do not wether bucks till there 4 months old, they will not leave farm until they are of age.

 *By entering into purchase you have agreed to the terms of the sales policy*

Thank you for your interest!